Gert van Heun

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Personal information

Name: Gert J. van Heun

Year of birth: 1949

Function: Managing Director ASL Foundation



Gert van Heun is since 2002 managing director of the ASL Foundation and responsible for development of the Application Services Library. In short: bringing ASL, and since 2005 also BiSL, to the public domain. This means adding best practices and publications to the libraries, further developing the frameworks, laying down rules for certification on training and organizations and present ASL and/or BiSL to all kind of related audiences. More about these frameworks: and

In the past years, as a management consultant Gert van Heun has principally been engaged in renewal projects in the field of process (re)development and ICT management. In addition Gert has carried out various assignments as interim manager in which he has always placed emphasis on both knowledge transfer and organisation redevelopment.